Terms & Conditions

Due to the special needs of CiliExpress purchasing / shipping services, we provide you with a freight pipeline in the form of a middleman. Once the goods are delivered to our cooperating Chinese warehouse and submitted to us for processing, by default we will presume you understand and agree to our shipping regulations. In order to avoid unpleasant trading disputes and allow us to cooperate with each other in the future, please be sure to learn more about our shipping terms and disclaimers.


Membership Disclaimers

  1. User Account:
    After registration, the user is responsible for protecting the user's login name and password. Because the company has the right to assume that anyone using your login name and password has been fully authorized by the user, the company is not responsible for misuse or unauthorized login. The User undertakes not to use the Site for any illegal purpose or in any illegal manner and is committed to comply with the relevant laws of Malaysia and all international practices in the use of the Internet. If the user is a user other than Malaysia, and agree to abide by the laws of the country or region. You agree and warrant that you may not use the services provided on this website to engage in any infringement of the rights or interests of others.
  2. User Funds:
    The user is obliged to ensure that all sources of funds indicating the service of the site are legally obtained. If there is any legal problem arising from the user's funds, the company will fully cooperate with the law enforcement agencies for follow-up action.
    The user is obliged to return funds transferred due to system errors or employee misuse, including any currency type.
  3. User Information:
    The user is obliged to provide correct information so that the company can handle the transfer of funds for you. If the loss caused by the user's information is insufficient, the user will bear the loss.
  4. User Management
    The user will be solely responsible for publishing the content of the information. User use of the Service is based on all local, national and international legal standards applicable to the Site Services. Users must follow:
    When publishing information, it must comply with relevant Malaysia laws and regulations.
    Do not use the network to register user services for illegal activities.
    Do not interfere with or disrupt network services.
    Comply with all network protocols, regulations, and procedures that use the Network Registered User Service. Users are responsible for their own actions in the company's registered user services. If users distribute or disseminate reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws in the company's registered user services, we will systematically record the information that may be provided as a violation of the law by the user, and immediately delete the information without notifying the user.