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Date added 02/12/2020

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Share link to earn commission function is turned on

Date added 18/06/2020
Just send the link to a friend to register as a member And use our service to get a commission of up to 1% in his freight
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20.4.2020 空运价格调整通知

Date added 20/04/2020
空运慢渠道取消, 所以唯有转移走空运快速渠道
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Date added 25/02/2020
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September shipping crazy promotion

Date added 05/09/2019
The bulk of the sea cargo is calculated at 0.01m3, and the sea freight packet is RM25/first 5KG.
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Change recipient (customer code) notification - free to fill in the express order number function

Date added 21/08/2019
The courier number is automatically added to the “arrived”, just click to enter the modification / add name, quantity and price.
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Date added 27/06/2019

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Purchasing merchandise submission order and payment shortcut method

Date added 20/03/2019
This feature is convenient for customers who use the purchasing service; The purpose of this function is to use the purchasing customer to submit the order, and then wait for the parcel to arrive at the warehouse and submit the order once more. If y
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Ciliexpress One-click purchase, shipping, add parcel function

Date added 18/03/2019
Faster one-click add package to support Taobao/Tmall website CiliExpress purchasing and shipping assistant. You can add items directly to the shopping cart of our website on the Taobao/Tmall product page. In addition, you can also submit the receipt inf
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