TaoBao Tmall One-Click Assistant

Add your parcels and orders faster to CiliExpress, directly from Taobao or Tmall, saving precious time!

Google Chrome Extension : Click to Download

CiliExpress Purchase/Shipping Assistant

  • Add items from Taobao or Tmall to our shopping cart.
  • Add purchased items from Taobao or Tmall to our website, enabling auto tracking of your parcel.

One-Click Purchase

One-Click Order Creation / Tracking


  1. Shipping - Browse to 已买到宝贝 page in Taobao or Tmall, then click “添加包裹” to add your order(s) directly into your account in CiliExpress.
  2. Shopping - Browse to the item page in Taobao or Tmall that you wish to purchase, then click “我要代购” to add your item(s) directly into your shopping cart in CiliExpress.
  3. Link to CiliExpress - Click on the CiliExpress Icon on your browser to view our website.