Compensation Terms

Freight Compensation Regulations

Based on the occasional occurrence of the following problems, the following clauses are specially formulated, please read carefully before delivery, so as to avoid future disputes:

Cargo Shortage

The invoice must have the corresponding product name of the goods. If it is not declared, it will not be accepted; please provide feedback within 48 hours from the date of receipt by the recipient, and it will not be accepted if it is overdue; after acceptance, our company will ask the freight forwarders of each unit-SKYNET/ GDEX/ ABX / AIRPAK / POSLAJU / DHL / NATIONWIDE China operation warehouse/ local recipient/ dispatcher confirm whether it is true; if it is true, compensation will be based on the value of the shortage of goods (the upper limit of compensation for CITYLINK freight goods is USD50), (SKYNET/ GDEX/ ABX) / AIRPAK / POSLAJU / DHL / NATIONWIDE The upper limit of compensation for the value of freight goods is USD50), (the upper limit of compensation for the value of sea freight goods is 3 times the freight)

Package in Transit

Compensation is based on the declared value on the invoice (the limit of the value of the freight cargo is (USD50) or 3 times the actual freight, whichever is lower). Lost goods that are not declared or falsely reported at the time of shipment will not be compensated. If you choose The repackaged package is lost/damaged in the middle; the company will not be able to review the compensation, because the repackaged package may not be opened when the item is missing due to its factors such as: sellers send less, express delivery, etc., It is recommended to choose this service after counting or photo service to ensure that the goods are not under-delivered before confirming the delivery or if the goods are shipped in the original packaging of the seller, the claim cannot be made. If it is fragile, please do not choose to repackage. Notify the seller to reinforce the packaging to avoid crushing during transportation.

Compensation Claim Procedure

All customers who apply for compensation must provide complete compensation information within one week of applying for compensation. Overdue payment will not be accepted. All confirmed compensation must provide complete information within one week, otherwise the compensation will be invalid.

After all the compensation is confirmed and the complete compensation information is received, our company will make a verification reply and compensation within 2 weeks, and it will no longer be accepted after 2 weeks.

If the customer does not provide complete information during the compensation application period, the application will not be accepted within one week.

Reminder: Please purchase insurance for high unit price goods to ensure your company's interests.

**Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are valuable items of our company [not guaranteed]. If you send prohibited items, such as alcohol, cigarettes, biological products, powdered products, animals, drugs, counterfeit banknotes and other things that do not comply with our laws and regulations, you cannot enjoy this service.

System Waybill Instructions

If you place multiple orders in the same Taobao seller’s store, the Taobao seller may send one package or multiple packages or multiple tracking numbers to the warehouse.

However, the seller only uploaded one logistics tracking number in the Taobao background, which caused no information to be pushed for other express packages.

Since you only fill in the logistics order number displayed on the Taobao backend when you submit the waybill, the warehouse will package and ship according to the order number you submitted.

But in fact, the tracking number you submitted is only a part of all your purchased goods. It was not until the package arrived at your hand that it was too late to find that the shortage of goods was too late.

Because when subsequent packages arrive at the warehouse, the warehouse needs to reschedule the delivery,

Therefore, new shipping costs will be generated and time delays will also be caused. The package cannot be delivered to you on time.

In order to avoid the above incidents, please be sure to ask the Taobao sellers how many tracking numbers and packages are delivered to our warehouse before filling out the waybill

(Even if you only buy two pieces of clothes, Taobao sellers will divide the goods into wholesale due to different factors)

Cross Border eCommerce Insurance Compensation

- If the customer who has insured does not receive the package within seven days after delivery, he can notify the customer service. After the customer service receives the message, it will verify the confirmation and make compensation within two weeks

- The amount of compensation needs to be verified based on the customer's product purchase certificate. The declared price is not the standard of compensation, please be aware

- After confirming the purchase of the insurance amount, the customer cannot change the insurance amount, otherwise the insurance qualification will be cancelled